Wizard Screens
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Pet Screen Products  


Wizard Screens provides customers in the San Jose, California area with window and door services including pet doors and grills. Our pet screens are made with strong aluminum and like our security doors, our pet doors are extra durable. Along with pet and security doors, we offer window and door screening, patio screens and more. Screening is an easy, economical way to keep your home healthy and well-ventilated. Patio screens create an outdoor safe haven, a place to entertain or spend time with family without the threat of bugs and other pests. We also offer shading options such as retractable awnings, which create an instant cool spot to relax out of the sun. All of our products are available in a range of colors and styles to fit your needs and personal tastes.

Wizard Screens is a mobile screen service – We come to you for the perfect measurements and a flawless installation every time. Unlike many of our local competitors, we are fully licensed in California, and our installers are all fully certified. We also offer door and window repairs and many of our products and services are available under a limited warranty. With all of our jobs, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.