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About Retractable Screens

What is a retractable screen?
Wizard Screens has adapted and improved the 1917 innovation of a simple spring loaded window shade that retracts after a slight tug. The Wizard Screen Door system mounts vertically to a door or window frame and hides the retractable screen that pulls across the frame for an instant screen door. This allows you to ventilate your home and save on energy costs. And best of all, when you don't need it the screen just retracts and disappears out of sight - and completely out of your way.

Style and high functionality
The Wizard retractable screen was designed with a low profile and stylish housing unit to blend naturally with your existing door or window, providing the functionality of traditional screens without any of the negative consequences. The screens pull out only when needed, so they don't block the view from inside or out.

The biggest complaint regarding retractable screens has been the loud and dangerous 'bang' from the screen and aluminum pull bar slamming back into the metal housing unit. That was until now. Wizard Screens has overcome the problem of the noisy "bang" and the danger from retractable screens slamming back. We've developed the Slow-Glide Screen Retraction system that automatically reduces the screen speed as it gently retracts. Your comfort and safety is guaranteed. No more pinched fingers.

Solving safety, visability, and durability issues and then designing the most attractive screens on the market is why we're the fastest growing company in the industry.

black frame retractable screen

black frame retractable screen

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